Balloons for Books  

Help support Idaho Early Childhood Literacy

CapEd Credit Union and the Idaho CapEd Foundation supply students and classrooms books to support early childhood literacy. Help us by pledging what you can, knowing that any amount will benefit local students and our community.


Buy a balloon and give a book to a child to help ensure they have a brighter future!

Data clearly shows as young children learn to read, they have a much more successful life in school and beyond. CapEd Credit Union and Boise State Football have teamed up to raise funds to buy books for children in need. You’re invited to join in this quest to have every parent and child read together.

For every $5 dollars raised, a balloon will be released at the Boise State home game on September 2nd.


How to donate:

  1. Text the word ‘CAPED’ to the number 444999 on your cell phone to donate in any amount desired.
  2. Visit the donation site
    This link will open up a new tab. Your phone number will be your Login.

Balloons are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Disclaimer: Your donation to the Idaho CapEd Foundation, a charitable, Federal 503 c 3 educational foundation, will be utilized to support the Foundation’s mission, which is to support worthwhile educational endeavors in Idaho. This includes but is not limited to supporting Teacher Grants, early childhood learning, books for children and organizations to meet the mission of the Foundation. To learn more about the Idaho CapEd Foundation please visit www.CapEdFoundation.org.

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