Pickups and SUVs With High Gas Mileage

September 9, 2011

With gas prices remaining on the high side, many car buyers are switching to small, high-mile-per-gallon (mpg) cars. But maybe you don’t have that option: You have to haul kids, their friends, and their gear. Or you need to tow your boat on weekends or haul heavy supplies for your garden. You need a pickup […]

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Camp Millionaire 2011 – Recap

August 9, 2011

Camp Millionaire 2011 was on Aug. 3 and 4 and it was a huge success! There were 17 campers with all kinds of different personalities and talents. The group blended nicely and learned a lot together. One of the campers was surprised to walk in the first day and find that there were so many […]

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Cookbook for Kids

August 9, 2011

The Idaho Credit Union League was able to gather enough recipes to put together a kids cookbook! If you provided recipes, we truly thank you for your support. All the recipes were geared towards kids and their favorite foods, and once they are complete, we hope to sell them at CapEd. The proceeds will go […]

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Save Money at the Pump: Smaller Engines With Higher MPG

August 9, 2011

Electric cars and hybrids aren’t the only cars that can help you pass the gas pump more often. Auto companies are boosting miles per gallon with smaller but still powerful gasoline engines. And check out the cost: If you need better gas mileage but can’t afford a pricey hybrid, new cars with smaller, high-mpg gasoline […]

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Know the Best Times to Shop and Save

August 9, 2011

Saving money on basics such as clothes, books, technology, food, and home supplies sounds appealing, right? By shopping during the right times, and at the right places, you’ll find plenty of ways to snag some savings. Computers and electronics Buy: July and August, or after a new model is launched Buy in the middle of […]

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