• Students must attend high school or be home schooled at high school grade level in the state of Idaho


  • Submissions must be new. Previously entered submissions in the CapEd video contest will not be accepted
  • Submissions must include all necessary release forms and a submission form
  • Only one submission per producer is allowed
  • Submissions must be entered no later than April 2, 2018 at 11:59pm

Trailer Specifications

  • Must not exceed 3 minutes in length
  • Must be created and submitted in high definition
  • Must earn a rating of G or PG and not include any nudity or profanity
  • Must include the official CapEd trailer logo sequence at the beginning of the submitted trailer
  • Footage used must be original or officially licensed for use
  • Any soundtrack used must be original or officially licensed for use. CapEd recommends that you look for soundtrack music that is licensed with a Creative Commons License