Throughout the country, the prices of homes are still very low. And while that is not-so-good news for the folks who are trying to sell, it’s making for some good deals for potential home buyers. In fact, home sales are the lowest they have been in years in many places. Many people are hesitant to buy homes when no one else seems to be doing it. And concerns about further depreciation have also kept many people in their rentals or apartments. But a smart investor and consumer will recognize opportunities to take advantage of good deals. Buying during a slow housing market is advantageous for many reasons. First of all, sellers may set their asking prices lower and are often more willing to offer the paying of closing costs, leaving appliances and doing repairs. They might also be more likely to accept offers for less than the asking prices. If you’ve been holding off on buying a home, see what’s available in your area, and meet with a credit union loan officer to see if it makes sense for you.
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