Recently, a woman’s handbag was stolen. One of the items in the handbag was her cell phone. Unfortunately, due to a common mistake, that was not all she was left without. When she finally succeeded in reaching her husband, he told her that he had answered her text message asking for the pin number to their joint checking account. It was too late to tell him that it had not been she who asked for the pin. The thief had found “hubby” on the phone, got the pin number, and emptied the account. This couple learned the hard way about a form of identity theft that most people are unaware of, but which is very simple to avoid. When adding contacts to your cell phone, do not indicate their relationship to you, lest the phone fall into the wrong hands. Also, when someone requests sensitive information from you via text, take a moment to call them back and verify whom you are giving this information to. As always, better safe than sorry.
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