We, as a credit union, are concerned for the well-being of our members’ accounts and peace of mind.

Free Trials

Teeth whitening, weight loss, become a millionaire, and credit reports are just some of the “free trials” that are being marketed on the Internet and television every day. These free trials are not always as free as they seem. In the fine print and sometimes not so fine print the website will state a required cancellation date and fees associated with not cancelling.

Terms and Conditions

Every website has a Terms and Conditions section. As an example, if the Terms and Conditions state that you have 10 days from the date of the order to cancel or they will charge you $80.00 every 30 days, that is exactly what will happen and you, as the account holder, will be held responsible for those transactions.

What To Do

If you find yourself signing up for such an offer, make sure you read everything associated with the product. If you have to put in your debit or credit card number, the item is never free.
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