7% Dividend Bonus

Capital Educators FCU (CapEd) announced that on January 1, 2012, you will be credited a 7% dividend bonus to your CapEd deposit accounts based on total dividends we paid you in 2011.

This bonus is in addition to your regular monthly or quarterly dividend payment. If you received dividends from CapEd and have an open membership, you will be included in the bonus dividend. The dividend bonus is being paid as a result of strong earnings and strong membership growth in 2011.

4% Rebate on Interest Paid

In addition, CapEd announces that if you have a loan in good standing with us, you will receive a 4% rebate on interest paid on all loans for 2011, except credit card loans.

Strong Loan Growth in 2011

CapEd has had strong loan growth in 2011 and expects to increase membership by nearly 8%. With our members’ loyalty and support we have been able to expand and improve our products and services and have been able to fund even more educational endeavors in our Idaho communities.

Published December 28, 2011
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