Camp Millionaire™ is an innovative day camp that teaches kids how to make, manage, and multiply their money!

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August Camp

  • August 3 – August 4, 2011
  • 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Ages 11-14

“Camp Millionaire was a great experience! It taught me many valuable things and lessons that really will last a lifetime. It was cool and I had a lot of fun.” Sarah, age 12

Using interactive GAMES and ACTIVITIES, kids learn the basic time-tested principles of creating financial freedom:

  1. How our beliefs and attitudes influence how we make and manage money.
  2. That money is simply a form of energy.
  3. The many ways people earn and make money (employee, self-employment, business owner, or investor).
  4. How to put money to work using the stock market, real estate, and business.
  5. How to set goals and manage their money.
  6. The importance of helping their community, i.e. giving back.

The Money Camp is based on simple principles like:

  1. You are the CEO of your own life.
  2. Pay yourself first.
  3. Save early-Save often.
  4. The three pillars of wealth (stocks, real estate, & business) that produce passive income.
  5. Put your money to work for you.
  6. How much money you make is less important than how much money you keep.
  7. The key to creating financial freedom is smart money habits.
  8. Life is an adventure, let passion be your guide.

Published June 8, 2011
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