As of June 5, 2013, is now The new name is shorter and easier to remember.

Along with the with new URL, security will be enhanced with Extended Validation. This will help prevent phishing attempts by properly identifying our web site as Capital Educators FCU.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you with this transition, we have compiled a list of common questions you may have.

Since any page you have bookmarked will redirect to the same page on, you won’t have to update any bookmarks.
Yes. CapEd is still proud to be a Federal Credit Union.
Yes. To help avoid confusion, any significant design changes will be put on hold.
We are moving to to simplify our web address. The new address is shorter, easier to understand, and better represents the CapEd brand.
You will be automatically redirected from to

The official website will be verified by an SSL certificate with Extended Validation. Your address bar should always display “”.

The Extended Validation certificate appears green in your address bar. Below is an example of Internet Explorer.

IE 9, with extended validation
No. This does not effect eBranch (Online Banking).

Published May 1, 2013
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