Several CapEd employees attended Eagle Fun Days on Friday, June 11th and 12th. At our booth we gave out balloons, pencils, and credit union information. In addition,

CapEd invited three Teacher Grant Winners from Eagle, Dr. Linda Clark, Superintendent and CapEd Board of Director, and Lola White, CapEd Eagle Branch Manager, to be on our float.

Everyone was dressed in the 50s theme. Pee Wee Penguin made an appearance and rode on the back of the float with a few of his friends. It was a nice warm day and a great way to start the summer.

CapEd Float - 50's Music Class

CapEd Parade Float for Eagle Fun Days

Lola White, Eagle Branch Manager at the CapEd booth

Lola White, Eagle Branch Manager at the CapEd boothEagle Fun Days Float - Dr Linda Clark

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