Savings Sleuth – Solve the Mystery

National Credit Union Youth Week (CUYW) is the last full week in April, the 21st-27th. The theme this year is “Savings Sleuth – Solve the Mystery”. It’s a fun theme, and we’re really getting into it this year by celebrating during the entire month of April.

Games and Prizes

Since CUYW is all about youth, we will be having prizes for those who come and make deposits and those who win our “solve the mystery” game. We will also have special prizes for youth who open their first Pee Wee or BLAST savings account.

Youth Savings Challenges

We are once again participating in the National Youth Savings challenge, where all youth who make a deposit or open a new account have a chance to win one of ten $100 prizes. In addition to that, CapEd will be holding our own savings challenge, where we will choose five young members age 0-17 and award them $20 each. To qualify, young members just have to open their first account and/or make a deposit.

Published April 3, 2013
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