Is your web browser up to date and secure? Not sure what I’m talking about? Keep reading!

It’s good to know that your credit union has all of it’s security issues under control and all is well when you log in to your online banking session. While we do control the level of security on our end though the use of technical savvy, we can’t control the level of security on your personal computer. That includes having an up to date web browser.

Google’s Online Security Blog recently addressed this issue in detail stating “…only 59.1% percent of Internet users worldwide use the latest major version of their preferred web browser”. They continue to state “These users are vulnerable to exploitation due to their web browser’s “built-in” vulnerabilities and the lack of more recent security mechanisms such as improved phishing protection”.

Among the users with the most secure web browser version were Firefox users. Those with the most unsecure versions were Internet Explorer users. If you are still using Internet Explorer 6 (released in 2001) or earlier, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your web browser. And unlike early web browsers, upgrading or trying out a new browser is free. So get yourself a current, more secure modern web browser and have fun safely surfing the web!

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Google Online Security Blog: Are you using the latest web browser?.

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