EnergyWise House Upgrades

Let Us Help You Make Your Home EnergyWise

We now offer a special EnergyWise loan package specifically to help reduce your home energy costs – and increase your comfort and value.

What Can You Finance?

A variety of weatherization improvements or qualifying appliances may be financed with an EnergyWise loan from CapEd.

How to Apply

An EnergyWise loan is available to homeowners who become CapEd members. Membership is not just for teachers. There are many different ways you can qualify to become a member of CapEd.

To Qualify for an EnergyWise Loan:

  • Be a homeowner and the improvements must be for your primary residence
  • Be employed or have some type of qualifying steady income at the time your loan is funded
  • Use the loan for weatherization and/or energy efficiency purposes only, including purchasing approved appliances
  • Not be delinquent on your mortgage loan

I want to be EnergyWise!

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