Make Traveling Easier.

Out with the paper, and in with the plastic! Visa TravelMoney Cards have replaced paper traveler’s checks. The pre-paid Visa debit card is safer and more convenient than using paper traveler’s checks. Safer, because your name and signature don’t appear on the card and the card isn’t tied directly to any of your credit union accounts. More convenient, because you don’t have to keep a log of where you spend your checks and the card is accepted at many places paper traveler’s checks aren’t.

The TravelMoney card may be reloaded anywhere you have Internet access or by contacting our office. If your card is lost or stolen, you can cancel the card and get a refund of the remaining funds or you can get a replacement card*. The TravelMoney cards can be used at over 25 million Visa debit merchants and at over 900,000 ATMs* worldwide!

Contact any of our branch offices for more information about this great convenience product.

* Reload, replacement card, and ATM fees apply. Please refer to the terms and conditions included with the card for details, or contact our office.

To order Foreign Currency, please click on the graphic below.

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