Take Your Time – Find Your Home

With CapEd’s Lock & Locate™ program, you can take the mystery out of knowing what your mortgage rate will be while taking the time to find the home location that’s right for you.

Once you qualify as a CapEd member, you will be able to lock a mortgage loan at a current rate* for up to 180 days on existing homes and up to 360 days if you’re building a home. If rates change or you decide on a different program offered through CapEd before you close on your investment, options may be available for you. CapEd’s Lock & Locate™ program also allows a one-time “float down” option to be used within 60 days of closing or rate expiration, if rates drop. You may also extend your lock for an additional 120 days just in case you need a little more time**.

Fill out the form and let us help you find your perfect home! You can be the haciendado or jefecita of your loan.

*A fee equal to 1% of the loan amount is required at the time of the rate lock and is credited toward closing costs at the time of closing. The fee may not be refunded under certain circumstances. Other conditions may apply. Contact CapEd Credit Union for additional information.

**An extension fee applies.

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