Good News!

If you support education and live in Idaho, you are eligible for membership!


Are any members of your immediate family* or household** currently members with CapEd?


Do you work or volunteer for, or are you retired from, any facet of the Educational Industry in the State of Idaho?


Do any members of your immediate family* or household** meet  #2’s qualifications?


When you join the Idaho CapEd Foundation as a Sustaining Member Volunteer, you qualify for membership.

The Idaho CapEd Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds worthwhile educational endeavors that include the CapEd Teacher Grant Program. Minimum donations are $1 for students and $20 for non-students.

*Immediate family members are considered as parents, step-parents, adoptive parents, siblings, step siblings, adoptive siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and spouses.
**Household members are considered as living in the same household and sharing living expenses.

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