Q: I just got a free offer for a vacation in the mail. It really sounds good! All I have to do is sit through a 90-minute presentation. Is there any reason NOT to take advantage of this offer? A: It depends what you want out of this vacation. If you want to have a relaxing time all to yourself with no heavy pressure sales methods practiced on you and your spouse, think twice. While you may go into this type of vacation because of a good deal and having no intention of buying into a timeshare plan, these people know what they’re doing. Unless you make a firm decision not to buy anything before you go, you could end up owning a timeshare by the time you get back. On the other hand, it IS a free vacation. If that’s worth two hours (realistically) of your time, go for it. Just do some research on whatever it is they’re trying to sell you before you leave. That way you’ll be able to make a decision — and stick to it — based on facts. Google the company online, and see what others who have already purchased are saying. A timeshare can be a good thing if it truly fits your lifestyle. However, there’s a reason people try to get out of timeshare plans, and there really are no free lunches. Speak to friends who have timeshares. You may end up happy with your timeshare, but it’s a decision you should make before you attend the 90-minute ‘presentation’.

Published July 5, 2011
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