Ukuleles in the Classroom

The Village Charter School in Boise is excited to be expanding its music program with ukulele instruction. Fourth to eighth grade classes will benefit from the expanded program. However, Teacher Lise Hansen needed funding to purchase enough ukuleles for classes to effectively participate. Mrs. Hansen reached out to the Idaho CapEd Foundation for a $750 teacher grant.

The History of Art

Pamela Asher, of Lake City High School, wants her students to experience art in the traditional form, using some of the earliest artistic techniques. Pamela’s project will be funded by a $750 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. Pamela will use these funds to buy materials that will help teach her students about a historic form of art.

Target Fraud Information

As your credit union, one of our highest priorities is to protect your financial information. We know many of you will have concerns about the reported network intrusion that may have exposed U.S. Target point‐of‐sale transactions conducted between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15.

Industrial Crafts & Technology

Teacher Stuart Grimes started teaching a new class at Fruitland Middle School this year. The Industrial Crafts & Technology class focuses on subjects such as aerodynamics, weight, rotating mass, and construction materials. The students build various projects ranging from model homes to working model cars. In an effort to boost class productivity, Stuart applied for a $750 teacher grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation.

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