New and Improved CapEd Statements

With a focus on continually improving services for our members, CapEd is pleased to announce new paper and electronic statements. The new statements display account information in an easier to read format, and we’ve included valuable summaries not previously available. The eStatements will be delivered using HTML5, allowing you to view them on any screen […]

Best Of The Treasure Valley

The Idaho Statesman announced their winners for the Best Of The Treasure Valley poll on Thursday evening at the Egyptian Theater. CapEd was well represented and the event was a great opportunity to meet the leaders of the Treasure Valley’s most loved businesses. We were humbled by the results. CapEd was nominated for “Best Bank/Credit […]

Idaho Credit Union League Honors Volunteer of the Year

Dr. Larry Neznanski, Chair of the Board for CapEd Credit Union, received the prestigious Volunteer of the Year Award at the Idaho Credit Union League’s Annual Meeting held May 16, 2014. Larry cares deeply about his credit union’s mission of supporting education and promoting thrift among its membership. He is committed to education and lives […]

Ukuleles in the Classroom

The Village Charter School in Boise is excited to be expanding its music program with ukulele instruction. Fourth to eighth grade classes will benefit from the expanded program. However, Teacher Lise Hansen needed funding to purchase enough ukuleles for classes to effectively participate. Mrs. Hansen reached out to the Idaho CapEd Foundation for a $750 teacher grant.

The History of Art

Pamela Asher, of Lake City High School, wants her students to experience art in the traditional form, using some of the earliest artistic techniques. Pamela’s project will be funded by a $750 grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation. Pamela will use these funds to buy materials that will help teach her students about a historic form of art.

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