Crisis = Opportunity and Danger

From the Desk of SagePoint Financial By Mike Mayer The Chinese symbol for crisis is actually the combination of two symbols: opportunity and danger. If we are in fact in the early stages of a new bear market, it certainly will be dangerous for buy and hold investors but a great opportunity for practicing active […]

Shoulder Surfing

While you are paying for your groceries, filling out a form, or using your ATM card, another person may be “shoulder surfing” to gather your personal information. Shoulder surfing happens when a person sees and quickly memorizes your personal information to use as his or her own. It can be done by looking directly over […]

Dealing With the Spending Game Called “FADS”

Ever spent a ton of money on something that you thought was lame two weeks later? Karen found really cool shoes at Target. They were red clogs with little stripes going down the side. She bought them and wore them to school. Everybody loved them. In two weeks, 16 girls had the red clogs! Karen […]

Kids, Before YOU Get Too Friendly…

If you’re thinking about joining or using a social-networking site such as Facebook or Twitter, keep these ideas in mind: Consider site privacy and logistics policies. Some sites allow only users to access posted content, while others have lax privacy policies. Restrict access to your profile and information. Do not correspond with anyone you don’t […]

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