The Euro: Why 16 Countries Use the Same Money

What kind of money would you use in Paris to buy a delicious loaf of “pain au chocolat”–a French bread with chocolate inside? Paris is in France, so you would pay with euros, the basic currency for 16 countries belonging to the European Union. What is a euro? Most countries print money that only works […]

Universal Design Makes Your Home Comfortable for All Ages

Universal design is all about planning to build a new house or modifying an existing one so that all people can live in it and visit comfortably—from the very young to the very old, the able-bodied and those with disabilities. It’s intended to make living easier now and to help you avoid unnecessary hassles and […]

Couples: Get Retirement Plans in Sync

Have you discussed your retirement plan with your spouse? Most (82%) respondents to a Fidelity survey say they and their partners disagree about key planning issues, such as the age at which they’ll quit working and the lifestyle they plan to maintain. Recent economic conditions—mass layoffs, home-equity plunges, and pension freezes—make getting retirement planning in […]

Cellphones: 3G for Young Users—or Not?

A 3G plan offers Internet connection for your phone. If you have it, you can search the Internet anywhere, without relying on the use of Wi-Fi that provides Internet connection through the use of a network. Even though 3G is useful, it’s not necessarily a need. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of having 3G […]

Before You Get Too Friendly…

If you’re thinking about joining or using a social-networking site such as Facebook or Twitter, keep these ideas in mind: Consider site privacy and logistics policies. Some sites allow only users to access posted content, while others have lax privacy policies. Restrict access to your profile and information. Do not correspond with anyone you don’t […]

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