Want to recharge, but don’t want to spend much on a vacation? Here are 22 great ideas to get you started!

  1. Switch houses with a friend or relative in another town. Being in a different town, county or state for a week or two gives everyone a change of scenery and a chance to play tourist in a different city.
  2. Consider yourself a tourist. Are there local attractions you don’t visit simply because they’re local? Be a tourist!
  3. See what’s free. Google your local area and find out about any free concerts, classes, or events. You’ll be surprised at what’s out there!
  4. Turn on the sprinkler. You may not have a pool, but a sprinkler is just as cool, more fun, and less risky than swimming. Get the kids into swimsuits, romp around with them like no one is watching, and close your eyes to the mess when they come inside dripping but happy.
  5. Enjoy the great outdoors. Playgrounds, spray grounds, parks, and lakes can all be a lot of fun. Get up and go out in the early evening for some fun and relaxation.
  6. Go to a local farm. You have to buy vegetables, so why not do the picking yourselves? Go with or without the kids!
  7. Browse in the library. Really, when were you there last? No matter what your interests are (gardening, gourmet cooking, writing, DIY), you’ll find volumes on it.
  8. Switch off with another parent. We love our kids, right? But we need to get away sometimes. Child care can be expensive, so find another parent with kids the age of yours and put your heads together. Can you switch off one afternoon/evening each week so you each can get some time for yourself?
  9. Take a hobby and turn it into a moonlighting business. Say your daughter likes to create fancy hair ribbons and barrettes. Encourage her to sell them to neighbors. There are so many things you can do for ‘fun’ money, and as long as there’s no pressure to turn it into a full time income, it really can be fun.
  10. Go fly a kite. Maybe plan it for a windy day on the beach.
  11. Serve breakfast for dinner. Why not?
  12. Have the kids and/or your non-cooking spouse make dinner. It’ll be a change for everyone. But don’t force it. If they don’t want to do it, find another idea.
  13. Play restaurant. Make up a menu and let everyone order their dinner a few hours before the meal starts. Be realistic in the choices you offer and make sure you have what you need on hand before offering.
  14. Make a movie. There are so many video contests out there; you can find one for your family to compete in. Or, just come up with something you can do for fun. This makes a great holiday gift for family and friends (and just think about how much you’ll save). Plus, all you need to do once the movie is made is copy the CD/DVD.
  15. Go camping. In the basement. In the attic. In mom’s room. On the living room floor. Offer unconventional sleeping locations for vacation only.
  16. Feed the birds.
  17. Adopt a pet at a local shelter.
  18. Entertain residents at a seniors’ home. They’ll love the company and your kids can hold a talent show.
  19. Argue. Invite your kids to argue their case on any issue you don’t agree on. Take the time to listen and request that they do the same.
  20. Keep a journal of all the no-cost fun you had.
  21. Make lemonade. From scratch.
  22. Share your ideas with others at a block party or group picnic.

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