Remember this picture from April’s Quarterly BLAST Newsletter? If you haven’t seen it before, look for the seven differences between the two pictures! The answers are at the bottom. Good luck!

  1. Boy with piggy bank sitting in chair – in one picture the piggy bank has a coin slot with a coin peeking out and the other does not.
  2. The clock on the wall – one of them says 9:00 and the other says 2:30.
  3. Woman standing at desk filling out deposit slip – she has a pen in her hand in one picture and a lollipop in her hand in the other.
  4. The teller – in one picture she is handing the member a $5 bill and in the other she is handing the member a $10 bill.
  5. Man walking in the door of the credit union – in one picture he is wearing regular shoes and in the other he is wearing cowboy boots.
  6. Girl standing in line with her mom – one girl has two pigtails and the other girl has only one pigtail.
  7. Sign in the lobby – it says “Save at the CU” in one picture and “$ave at the CU” in the other.

Published July 5, 2011
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