It’s photo contest time again!

Last year, we asked photographers to take photos that epitomized Meridian. With our Linder Member Convenience Center nearing completion, we wanted to display photos of the area taken by the local community. The contest was a wonderful success. There were so many beautiful submissions that choosing the winners was difficult. In the end though, we selected the top three photos and awarded $200, $100, and $50 to the respective photographers.


We’re doing it again! This time, we want photos to grace the walls of our ParkCenter branch in Boise and our Nampa branch. So get those cameras ready to go this summer. We’re excited to see what’s beautiful and iconic about Boise and Nampa to you. To reward your time and creativity, we’re offering the same prizes, FOR EACH CITY. That’s right! We’ll pick a first place winner for Boise who will get $200, and the first place winner for Nampa will get $200 too. The same goes for second and third. Six prizes up for grabs!

Six prizes up for grabs!

Visit the link to submit a photo, or you can post your work to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and tag them with #CapEd #photograph and the name of the city you’re shooting(#Nampa or #Boise). Please post the best quality shots you can so they’ll look great on the CapEd walls. Show us the landmarks, events, and scenery of the Boise and Nampa cities that are unique and special to you. Good luck!

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