Finding airline deals doesn’t have to be about luck. There’s a lot you can do to improve your chances of landing an affordable flight:

  1. Buy in to social networking. Many companies use social networking to exclusively promote huge fare reductions that aren’t shown on the airline’s website. Sign up for an RSS feed to quickly browse deals.
  2. Going international? Try a travel agent. International airlines often aren’t shown in major travel website search results. Travel agents have access to many airline companies and can do the legwork of finding an international flight at no additional cost to you.
  3. Watch price trends. Bing Travel (formerly Farecast) shows you if fares are dropping, holding steady, or rising, which should give you the confidence to make an immediate purchase if fares are on the rise, or hold out if fares are dropping.
  4. Be flexible. If your travel dates are flexible, you almost always can find a better deal than you would with fixed dates. When searching online sites, there’s generally a ‘my dates are flexible’ check box you can select before you search. With many sites, this will bring up a grid of several days before and several days after your entered flight dates. You then can see which combination provides the lowest fair.

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