Saving money on basics such as clothes, books, technology, food, and home supplies sounds appealing, right? By shopping during the right times, and at the right places, you’ll find plenty of ways to snag some savings.

Computers and electronics
Buy: July and August, or after a new model is launched
Buy in the middle of the summer to hit back-to-school sales, or check markdowns around the holidays. Also, when new models debut, prices will drop on previous models.

Buy: Sunday evenings
SmartMoney suggests hitting the aisles on Sundays to maximize savings. Stores generally run sales from Wednesday to Tuesday, but the latest manufacturer’s coupons also are available Sunday. Another practical tip is to buy items in season that you can freeze for later use. Fresh strawberries or peaches you freeze are great in blended smoothies or pies.

Buy: Thursday evenings, end of season
You’ll find the best selection of goods on Thursday evenings—most weekend sale prices are effective, but a slew of shoppers haven’t yet raided the stores.

Denise Winston, a financial lifestyle expert in Bakersfield, Calif., suggests: “Shop end of season, after holidays, clearance, and with a friend for ‘buy more, save more’ sales. And always watch for store coupons.”

Furniture, linens, and bedding
Buy: January and July
You can spend quite a few pennies furnishing an apartment, but shopping at the right time can help slash the price tag. According to MSN Money, showrooms stock new furniture after the holidays and as fall rolls in. Bedding and linens are generally cheapest in January.

Winston also says that a great way to save on furniture and many other items is to simply ask the store clerk if any damaged, scratched or discontinued items are available. “I’ve saved up to 90% this way on items like leather sofas, washing machines, microwaves, dishes, and home décor,” she says.

Vacuum cleaners
Buy: April and May
Besides showers and flowers, April and May also bring spring cleaning! Prices on older models start to wind down during these months, as new models arrive.

Bicycles and outdoor gear
Buy: January
Most sporting goods stores begin changing their seasonal gear in February and March. Before the store makeover, in January, owners generally discount much of their existing inventory.


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