CapEd Members who open a checking account can also receive a CapEd Visa® Debit Card. Do more with your CapEd Visa® Debit Card with Ampre Rewards and Design It Photo Card!

Ampre Rewards Earn cash back on your purchases

Ampre Rewards is a program that links offers from merchants directly to your CapEd Visa® Debit Card, giving you cash back to your account. Every time you use your CapEd Visa® Debit Card for non-PIN purchases, you may earn a % cash back from participating retailers. Cash back offers are tied directly to your CapEd Debit Card from popular national brands, plus your favorite regional and local retailers.

You are automatically enrolled in the Ampre Rewards program and creating account is easy and free. Creating an account lets you view the participating merchants and the amount of cash back (or other rewards) you have earned!

How it works


Use your CapEd Visa® Debit Card to create an account on the Ampre website and view your Ampre offers

Find Offers

Offers are tied to your participating CapEd Visa® Debit Card – browse all offers by signing into your account and selecting “View offers”.

Swipe and Sign

Simply use your CapEd Visa® Debit Card and sign for your purchase at participating merchants.


Earn cash back on your everyday purchases. Remember to check back often as participating merchants can change!

If you have questions about the Ampre Rewards program, customer service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call (800) 272-7445 and your questions will be answered directly by a dedicated Ampre customer service representative. You may also email Ampre by selecting the email option under “Need Help?” when you’re logged into your Ampre account.
Ampre Merchants

You can browse the Ampre merchants by logging in to Ampre Rewards and selecting the ‘View Offers’ link. The merchant’s system will automatically recognize if your debit card is enrolled when you swipe and sign to make your purchase. Available merchants and offers may change at any time; however, new retailers are continuously added so be sure to visit myampre.com to view all participating retailers and merchants.

Cash Back

All Ampre merchants offer a % cash back reward on your qualifying purchase. Merchants may also have additional rewards they offer for traveling out of your way, visiting at one of their slower times, or making several purchases. You will earn cash back for all offers you are eligible for, up to the maximum percentage set by a merchant. The more you shop, the more cash back you can earn! In order to earn cash back from an Ampre merchant, you must sign for your purchases.

You will receive your cash back to your account typically within one week after the qualified transaction has been processed and a statement credit will be automatically issued to your debit rewards card. If any part of a qualifying transaction is returned to the retailer or is not completed, your cash back for that transaction may be reduced or removed from your Ampre debit card account. Please check each retailer’s policy for returns.

Design It! Photo Card Take a photo, put it on your debit card

Take your favorite memory with you in your wallet with a personalized CapEd Visa® Debit Card. In three easy steps, you can personalize your card with the photo that reminds you of your favorite moment.

To get started, go to designitphotocard.com and follow these steps:
(These steps are best done on a desktop computer)

  • Select and upload your favorite digital photo.
  • Adjust the photo on the card just the way you want.
  • Approve your personalized Visa® Debit Card.

Your personalized CapEd Visa® Debit Card will take approximately 2 weeks to arrive in the mail and there is a small $8.00 service fee.

Need a new Debit Card?

Instant Issue Debit Cards Get a new Debit Card today!

Stop by any branch location during lobby hours and walk out with a new debit card!

Debit Cards by Mail

Debit cards may also be mailed to the address listed on the account. Simply call us at (208) 884-0150 or send us a secure message inside of eBanking.

Verified by Visa Protection

Verified by Visa is a service that protects you against unauthorized purchases when shopping online. It’s quick, easy, and free.

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