The CapEd hot air balloon in the Kimberly Elementary Gymnasium

Monday, November 28, 2017 – The weather didn’t cooperate the morning the CapEd Read to Rise balloon visited Kimberly Elementary in Kimberly but that didn’t stop students from being excited about the balloon visit.

The Read to Rise balloon was laid out on the gym floor and balloon pilot Scott spoke to the students about balloon aviation and how the balloon was designed and made. Students were able to come down to the gym floor to feel the fabric of the balloon and get up close to the balloon basket to see how much room the pilot and a passenger would have.

Kimberly Elementary won a visit from the Read to Rise balloon because of the amazing effort of their students who read 106,310 minutes over their summer vacation! Their minutes read placed them in the top 5 schools that participated in the program. Schools that are in the top 5 receive a visit from the balloon at their school.

Visit the Read to Rise Summer Reading Program page to find out how your school can win a visit from the Read to Rise balloon!

Published December 4, 2017
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