Teacher Grant Program

The Foundation realizes that financial resources are stretched thin in classrooms across Idaho. The Foundation’s grant program is an effort to help teachers supplement instruction and facilitate student learning.

Each month during the school year (Oct-Apr), the Foundation will award grants to Idaho teachers and educators. These grants will help pay for programs, materials, or special projects for the students in their classrooms. The Teacher Grant Selection Committee will award grants to teachers and other educators based on funds available and in amounts as determined by the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

Grant applications will be available on the CapEd website and in branch lobbies. Applications will be accepted from August through April 10 during the applicable school year. The application deadline for the first award is October 10.

Building the Foundation

In 2008 CapEd started a program, which would give monthly grants to teachers and educators. Teachers seeking a grant would apply to the Credit Union and provide information like the proposed use of the grant money, how many students are impacted, how the request fits in the current school district curriculum, and the amount of the grant requested. Each month a selection committee of former teachers and education administrators would review the applications and recommend recipients to CapEd.

In 2012 the Idaho CapEd Foundation assumed ownership of the teacher grant program. The program retains its original purpose of making grants to Idaho teachers and educators to be used for specific educational projects or programs for their students.

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